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Kaya Kalpa Yoga

Kaya Kalpa Yoga Meditation and physical exercises cleanse the physical system while introspection purifies the mind. Kaya Kalpa Yoga strengthens your life force and helps purify the vital fluid and maintain the genetic center.

How will it be to discover the light in the darkness? One struggles to find a step in the darkness as one climbs the stairs. Supposing you are shown an enlightened path step by step, how would you feel?

One's lifestyle elevates materially, intellectually and spiritually as one regularly practices SKY and KKY. Life energy in sufficient quantity is required to practice Kundalini Yoga. Vital force is essential to higher quality and quantity of life force. Kaya Kalpa Yoga increases the vital force. It aids Kundalini yoga, which in turn helps Kaya Kalpa Yoga. Both are equally important for members of a family.

SKY training centers are available throughout the world. Don't be surprised if you do not see any advertising of the SKY system. Swamiji believed in the power of word of mouth. Contact your nearest center to learn the SKY system today.

The Three fold objectives of Kayakalpa

  • a. Withstanding the ageing process.
  • b. Maintaining youthfulness and physical health.
  • c. Postponing death until one reaches spiritual perfection.

Kayakalpa Rules and Regulations

  • i.   The age limit is above 14 years old.
  • ii.  Any common people can participate.
  • iii. Rs.100/Course.
  • iv.  One day program private
  • v.   Program is first Sunday (Coming after the first Wednesday of every month)

Benefits of Kaya Kalpa Practice

  • Sexual vital fluid becomes thickened and the stock is increased so that the lifeforce and bio-magnetism are sufficiently maintained in the body. It helps to cure and prevent diseases and relieves the practitioner of the troubles of old age. 'Sexual potency' is enhanced but 'craving' is brought within control
  • Monks, nuns and those who remain celibate will be greatly benefited, since sexual excitement would not occur quickly, because of recycling of the sexual vital fluid and absorbtion of it in the body.
  • Sexual energy is transmuted into spiritual energy, developing and strengthening the spiritual awareness.
  • Kaya Kalpa Practice improves character and personality. The Genetic Centre is purified, resulting in heal- their and more intelligent progeny.
  • Conception can be controlled at will when either of the partners have become successful in the practice of Kaya Kalpa over sufficient period of time.
  • The nervous system will be strengthened.
  • General health will improve.
  • The quality and quantity of sexual vital fluid is increased.
  • Ailments such as asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, piles and skin diseases can be controlled.
  • Wet-dreams and self abuse habits will be lessoned.
  • Sexual potency is enhanced.